On Renoon you will be able to find responsible briefcases from multiple websites at once. From day briefcases, everyday briefcases, work briefcases, elegant briefcases, to travel briefcases, filter them with respect to the values you care about the most! Vegan, made with innovative materials, upcycled or second-hand, on Renoon you can save your search with all your filters and come back later to check the best options for you. We combine what is available from 100+ websites, so you can save time, be true to your lifestyle and sustainability values.


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The PC is an irreplaceable life partner: it is impossible to do without it to work, go shopping or even just stay in touch with friends and acquaintances. Tap into the collection of women's laptop bags to find a way to always carry it with you. Our catalog includes business and travel bags or versatile cases to pack. We have chosen your favorite brands to target your shopping in the right way. Technology and style become travel companions. These specially designed models protect the PC from shocks, are waterproof and reveal great attention to detail. In our showcase you can discover the winning mix between aesthetics and functionality and find the accessory that respects your mood. If you are a woman who pays attention to details and pays a lot of attention to accessories to show off in the office, during a job interview or a conference, Renoon will be your strongest responsible style ally. Are you looking for the right accessory for the university or the office? Renoon offers you a collection of briefcases that includes document holders or clutches. You can find the case suitable for PCs of any size and choose between clutches and purses, shoulder bags and handbags. Shop between a wide variety of briefcases brands such as FREITAG, Canussa, and La Débraillée, in a wide range of colours and materials. Moreover, don't forget that on Renoon you can also find a selection of pre-loved briefcases. Choose your most-wanted styles, materials and values in your Renoon profile, save your searches and come back to it anytime. Be it via our App or website, you can always check for new products, search beyond your preferences or just enjoy the selections we prepare for you. Would you like to read more about Sustainable fashion and the latest trends? Don't miss out on our Blog, with dozens of articles on how to care for sustainable clothing, style suggestions and personal experiences from other sustainable fashionistas like you. Interested in responsible bags? Then you might be interested in checking out this list of responsible bag brands , and the sustainable way of thinking you wish any bag brand would have.