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Panties, hidden by skirts, dresses and trousers, are of fundamental importance for the organization of the look: each garment is essential to feel comfortable and at ease. Transparent fashion is very sophisticated and sexy, which is why the choice of underwear must be well studied. There are many different panties in an underwear drawer. There is never a shortage of cotton panties, soft and elastic, with a simple and always current design, sporty models perfect for leisure time and more sexy and feminine lace versions to be used for a special outfit. Bon ton invites you to coordinate panties and bra and show off well-matched suits beyond your favorite style. The drawer of panties is overflowing with clothes and it's impossible to stop buying new ones. Daily use has turned this garment into a shopping cult. Be careful to choose the model that best suits your body. If you have a soft and Mediterranean body, wear briefs that support. Better opaque and containing models rather than transparent or skimpy briefs to the point of underlining the defects. The ideal is to prefer low-cut garments, focusing on fabrics that do not mark the figure and colors that support vanity. The push-up effect is also used in the briefs: you can wear shaped models if you want a rounder and firmer B-side. A question runs among the chatter between women: thong yes or no? It can go well with the most tight-fitting clothes but for many it is the symbol of discomfort. On the contrary, the culotte model is considered so comfortable that it is not very sexy. The collection of responsible underwear on Renoon is wide and varied and welcomes the mischievous notes of the vast collection of bodysuits and the most comfortable meanings of soft organic cotton linen. Shop between a wide variety of panties brands such as Underprotection, Bamboo Basics, and Girlfriend Collective, in a wide range of colours and materials. Choose your most-wanted styles, materials and values in your Renoon profile, save your searches and come back to it anytime. Be it via our App or website, you can always check for new products, search beyond your preferences or just enjoy the selections we prepare for you. Would you like to read more about Sustainable fashion and the latest trends? Don't miss out on our Blog, with dozens of articles on how to care for sustainable clothing, style suggestions and personal experiences from other sustainable fashionistas like you. Interested in basic timeless pieces? Then you might be interested in checking out this list of responsible intimate brands , and the connection between sustainable fashion & women’s health.