On Renoon you will be able to find responsible jewelry from multiple websites at once. From necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, to rings, filter them with respect to the values you care about the most! Vegan, made with innovative materials, upcycled or second-hand, on Renoon you can save your search with all your filters and come back later to check the best options for you. We combine what is available from 100+ websites, so you can save time, and be true to your lifestyle and sustainability values.


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Wear the change: Jewelry undeniably plays a massive role in increasing sophistication and enhancing our looks. Delicate and good-quality pieces make a significant difference. It highlights and adds color to your face, especially when you need it early in the morning... Jewelry entitles you to stand out from the crowd and merely feel gorgeous. Your pieces of jewellery also speak of your personality even without you knowing it. The way you pair your earrings with your hairstyle or your necklaces with a dress. It all boils to your individuality and personality. As every industry starting from fashion to automobiles, are switching their values equivalent to sustainability. One might wonder, what’s the sustainable journey like when it comes to jewelry? Primarily sustainable practices in terms of jewelry include lowering mining dependency to recycle precious metals or source them externally from proper suppliers. Another influential factor is the transparent supply chain. With transparency posing a substantial roadblock to the jewelry industry, a company that can outline the journey of raw materials at different points throughout the supply chain is one step ahead to becoming more responsible as a brand. Overall, jewelry can be considered the essence of showing your personality. The jewelry industry has changed with time as sustainability values increase worldwide, encouraging brands to turn to responsible production. It is no secret that you can find responsible jewelry brands on Renoon. Shop between a wide variety of jewelry brands such as href=“”> Ana Dylar, Fabera